Amazing Fire Eater: Dangerous and Daring Art
Amazing Fire Eater: Dangerous and Daring Art
Amazing Fire Eater: Dangerous and Daring Art


Amazing Fire Eater: Dangerous and Daring Art


Who are We: We are a team of event professionals who handle a wide range of events, events and management services to suit your needs. We handle gatherings all over the world with a high degree of specialization and refined creative ability, winning high praise from our clients.

Book A Fire Eater Performance: Heat up your event with an amazing Fire Eater Performance! There is no doubt that this shocking act will grab the audience's attention. Exciting meet-and-greet entertainment served as a well-choreographed routine, providing guests with excellent photo opportunities.

What do we do: We are dedicated to creating the fireworks show of our clients' dreams to add sparkle to their event. Skilled circus fire eater with years of experience combining fire ears with sensual performances. The TITAN team helps you connect the perfect Fire Eater to make your event one to remember!

Service Descriptions

Dance With Fire

A ‘Dragon’ that can play with fire will make your event unforgettable. A Fire Dance Team can daze your guest with daring and exciting performances such as Breath of Fire and Fire Swallows!


We only allow our skilled and professional fire eaters and dancers to showcase their high-level fire eater performances at your event. Our executive team will take care of all equipment and stages used. We believe safety is the number one priority.

Our fire guys love to entertain you and your guests with adrenaline-pumping shows. They are all masters of fire swallowing, fire transmissions, fire breathing, and fire dance.


Team TITAN offers Fire Eater dance performance services in the form of team and solo. Our services include weddings, nightclubs, corporate events, concerts, parties, store openings, festivals, bashes, and birthday events.


We look forward to planning a dangerous and exciting fire show for your event!


Kindly send your inquiries to or call +6016-720 1299 (Chew).


The TITAN team is ready to serve you, whatever the challenge.


Penerangan Perkhidmatan
Menari Dengan Api
'Naga' yang boleh bermain dengan api akan menjadikan majlis anda tidak dapat dilupakan. Pasukan Tarian Api boleh membingungkan tetamu anda dengan persembahan berani dan menarik seperti Penefasan Api dan Pertelanan Api.
Kami hanya membenarkan pemakan api dan penari kami yang mahir dan profesional untuk mempamerkan persembahan peringkat tinggi mereka dalam majlis anda. Pasukan profesional kami akan menjaga semua peralatan dan peringkat yang digunakan. Kami percaya keselamatan adalah keutamaan nombor satu.

Ahli pasukan tarian api suka menghiburkan anda dan tetamu anda dengan pertunjukan yang memacu adrenalin. Mereka semua penguasaan dalam menelan api, penghantaran api, pernafasan api, tarian api.
Team TITAN menawarkan perkhidmatan persembahan tarian Fire Eater secara berpasukan dan solo. Perkhidmatan kami termasuk majlis perkahwinan, kelab malam, majlis korporat, konsert, parti, pembukaan kedai, festival, karnival dan majlis hari jadi.
Kami tidak sabar-sabar untuk merancang pertunjukan api yang berbahaya dan menarik untuk majlis anda!
Sila hantar pertanyaan anda ke atau hubungi +6016-720 1299 (Chew).
Pasukan TITAN sedia berkhidmat untuk anda, walaupun berhadapan dengan apa cabarannya.

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