Mysterious World of Sand Art
Mysterious World of Sand Art
Mysterious World of Sand Art


Mysterious World of Sand Art

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Who are We: We are a team of event professionals who handle a wide range of events, events and management services to suit your needs. We handle gatherings all over the world with a high degree of specialization and refined creative ability, winning high praise from our clients.

Why Hire Sand Artist: Animated sand art is a highly sought-after form of entertainment, perfect for introducing a new brand, showcasing a product, celebrating a company's history, telling a special story at a wedding, or being inspirational at an award ceremony because great skill and talent are required to do it.

Our Sand Artist: Our sand painters are very pleasing to the eye and are sure to evoke the emotions of guests and leave a lasting creative impression. Using a combination of solid and colored sand and yellow or colored LED lights, our sand animation artists create exciting sand stories that will captivate their audience. With atmospheric music in the background, each performance is dramatic and captivating and always leaves a lasting impression.

Service Descriptions

Finger Dancing with Sand

Sand paintings on the bottom glowing glass plate present an astonishing visual story. Beautiful artwork appears and dissipates, creating a magical atmosphere for the audience.


The charm and characteristic of sand painting lie in its simplicity, which strongly impresses the audience. These paintings are imprinted. We provide sand art services for weddings, birthdays, virtual events, and more.

The skilled sand painters of the 
TITAN team can perform sand art performance services based on your theme for you. We're ready to amaze your guests with delightful sand paintings.

Kindly send your inquiries to or call +6016-720 1299 (Chew).


The TITAN team is ready to serve you, whatever the challenge. 


Penerangan Perkhidmatan
Jari Menari dengan Pasir
Lukisan pasir di bahagian bawah plat kaca bercahaya menyajikan cerita visual yang indah. Lukisan yang indah muncul dan hilang, mewujudkan suasana ajaib untuk penonton.
Daya tarikan dan ciri lukisan pasir terletak pada kesederhanaannya yang sangat menarik perhatian penonton. Lukisan-lukisan ini tidak dapat dicetak. Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan seni pasir untuk majlis perkahwinan, hari jadi, majlis maya dan banyak lagi.

Pelukis pasir yang mahir dari pasukan TITAN boleh menghasilkan perkhidmatan persembahan seni pasir berdasarkan tema anda untuk majlis anda. Kami bersedia untuk memukau tetamu anda dengan lukisan pasir yang menarik.

Sila hantar pertanyaan anda ke atau hubungi +6016-720 1299 (Chew).

Pasukan TITAN sedia berkhidmat untuk anda, walaupun berhadapan dengan apa cabarannya.


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